"It Must Be Dingle" Gallery


“A very exciting day today as your two beautiful sun catchers finally arrived and are now hanging in the window. The three of them look stunning together - just perfect and as I had hoped they would look. I am just delighted to have a little bit of Dingle here.
A huge thank you for creating these and sending them over to me. It is so thoughtful of you.

With a day in the 30s, it is hard to imagine you in woollies and in front of the fire. Keep warm and enjoy creating such beautiful representations of Dingle.
All the best for a joyous Christmas, too.

Kind regards,

About Martine

A warm welcome awaits you at the 'It Must Be Dingle' Gortadubha, Ballyferriter. Enjoy a coffee and chat whilst browsing the paintings.

Martine's first exhibition was called 'It Must Be Dingle' and depicted the many brightly coloured shops, pubs and homes of Dingle. Sheep were often seen being herded through the town and this was the inspiration for Martine's well known painting of the sheep coming down the main street. This quirky 20" x 16" print is extremely popular, a happy memory of your time in Dingle.